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Mini roses

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Marbled rose with panda charm
Custom marbled rose

Thanks so much
for doing such a
wonderful job
on the custom rose
I ordered.
My sister LOVED it!

----Michael G.



Welcome to Our Rose Garden!

Marbled budA haven for the "gardening-challenged".....
Where a beloved favorite flower
Blooms from an artist's imagination.....
  And YOUR imagination too!

Stone Roses .....where sculpted clay roses
are created by hand.....
One petal at a time!

Are you discovering us for the first time? We're so glad you're visiting!
Are we the same Stone Roses of Renaissance Fair fame? Yes, indeed!
Our flower cart now flourishes online with the same styles you remember,
plus many new designs and colors.
Call us by any other name......Renaissance Fair rose, lifelike rose,
pottery rose, miniature roses.....
They all bloom in the same garden at Stone Roses!

Just as in nature, no two Stone Roses are ever alike.
But unlike nature, Stone Roses have a special guarantee.....
They will never wither and die, and don't need watering!

Let us create your perfect Stone Rose keepsake.....
For a special occasion or holiday gift-giving
In honor or memory of a loved one
To symbolize love or friendship
Just for yourself, to make life......ROSIER!

Celebrating a 9th wedding anniversary?
The traditional gift is pottery!
Let Stone Roses be your "9th anniversary pottery roses"!

Finding that special rose is easy...
Just click on "Our Shoppe" or a product link in the left green column.
Custom orders are ALWAYS welcome!

Stone Roses .....where something unique is ALWAYS blooming!



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